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August 16, 2017

I just want to take a moment to thank Connecticut Transportation Solutions for the outstanding service provided to my daughter Cassidy. 

I must say I cannot be more pleased!


Joel the driver is outstanding! Not only is he punctual, which is a tremendous asset, he is caring, upbeat and engaging. He has a dynamic personality and always treats Cassidy with the utmost respect and always provides any extra assistance while loading and unloading. Joel is an outstanding representative for Connecticut Transportation Solutions!


I would also like to single out Alisha Garcia, Logistic Manager in Bridgeport. She is wonderful! Alisha is never more than a text or phone call away should I need to discuss anything regarding Cassidy's transportation.


It is a monumental relief to know Cassidy's transportation needs are provided by such an outstanding team of dedicated professionals.

We are truly grateful for the services of Connecticut Transportation Solutions. 

Chris Gluz

Danbury, CT

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